Thalia Live HD/R
Tonemapped HDR video on the iPhone®

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Tonemapped video in true HDR shot on nothing but an iPhone 6S.

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This video was shot in Illinois on the iPhone 6S using Thalia Live HD/R. Postprocessing was done in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. This early video shows some skipped frames, which we are fixing right now. Taking the processing capability of the phone to its extreme unfortunately requires some amount of user feedback and field experience before we hit exactly the right balance between quality and speed for a given phone generation.

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How Does It Work?

The patent-pending HD/R technology in Thalia Live HD/R uses the iPhone’s camera to obtain HDR pictures for each video frame and works magic (technical term: tonemapping) to turn them into a video stream reflecting the scene’s dynamic range. The tonemapping is necessary because normal displays cannot show a very high dynamic range, so tonemapping will make the bright parts darker and the dark parts brighter while preserving or enhancing local contrast. The magic in our proprietary image-processing technology:

For even more dynamic range expansion in time-lapse videos or if you don't have at least an iPhone 6, try out the sister app Thalia Lapse HD/R.

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